Smart Identity

Proffessional ID printing solutions

Smart Identity - Proffessional ID printing solutions

Smart Identity - Proffessional ID printing solutions

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is the most versatile Aadhaar Printing App, available for Microsoft Windows. It transforms the e-Aadhaar PDF file into a CR80 sized card, as per UIDAI standards.
PVC Aadhaar
Features Include -
  • One Click e-Aadhaar Parsing.
  • Various card customization options, for pre-printed/blank cards. (Enable/Disable Card Elements like Header, Footer, Barcode, Photobox etc).
  • Picture editing for enhanced print results.
  • Font Adjustment option for native texts.
  • Adjustments available for preprinted cards with incorrect offsets.
  • Reports for tracking Prints.
  • Works with any CR80 card Printer. (Thermal/Inkjet)
  • Frequent Software updates, with improved experience and features every time.
  • Easy system migration (limited to once in 7 days).
  • Also available for bulk printing on A4 sheets (10 cards each).


You can download and install Smart Identity from the downloads Tab. This is a demo version which has most necessary functionality. However, a Watermark image shall be embedded in the Cards. To remove watermark you can purchase a License or apply for a Smart Identity Wallet.
Usage Policy
  • * It is the sole responsibility of the user to validate the authenticity of the E-Aadhaar Files, being used with Smart Identity Pro. Only files containing valid UIDAI digital signatures should be considered authetic.
  • ** Licenses are issued per Windows System, but can be migrated to a different system maximum once in 7 Calander days. Support is provided, subject to compliance with our fair usage policy.
  • *** In case of any violation, the issued License/Wallet shall be immediately deactivated and considered null and void.

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